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Cocktail Party catering

Cocktail parties come in handy during Christmas Eve, wedding parties, and even business gatherings. To ensure a stress-free, fulfilled planning moment, you need to have all details and particulars about the party at your fingertips. You can hire a catering toronto professional to assist with all the details. Remember, the aim of the party is to give your team fabulous moment. 

Now, if you want to host a cocktail party that rocks, here are some of tips you need to consider:
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How to Organize a Successful Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are the best get-togethers to host. They are easy to plan and relatively in-expensive. The first thing you need to factor when planning these parties is the team. Also, you need to think about a unique theme. It can be modest, such as a flavor or color that is present throughout the entire evening. A unique theme can make your party great without hurting your already constrained budget. It is also key to ideas on food, drinks, and decorations.
Choosing Appropriate Venue

Identifying where to hold a cocktail party is the greatest and hardest decision. Factors like location and time of the year have an impact on the venue.  You need to consider the season of the year and weather. During summer, outdoor event or pitching a tent is appropriate. Transportation should also be considered and proximity to where most of the guests live.

The Invitations

Now, you can’t hold the party alone. You need a pack f revelers to make it rock. You can’t So you have to sent out invitations. Printed invitations are preferred to emails or word of mouth invitations.  You can as well make it more memorable. You can sent a bottle of wine or a box filled with wood shavings incorporating a few things that will be included in the upcoming party. This will make the recipient anticipate the event besides making them more curious.  Besides, be sure to make follow up attempts to ensure that the intended persons receive the invites.


Cocktail drinks form the heart of the party. You can’t do without these. Use them to welcome the guests and set them in a party mood. There should be an assortment of wines and beers. Do not forget t provide water to too. Don’t make that mistake.  There are different ways to serve the drinks

·         Full bar- has a range of liquors and mixers

·         Signature cocktail bar:  composed of one or two mixed drinks.

·         Themed bar: Features one type of liquor and selection of mixers.


Making the best use of your space goes a long way in making the party feel extra-lively. Theme- spread your decorations and fillup your space with fresh flowers, candles, or simple elements of design throughout all the active spaces. Avoid hazards that can cause accidents such as slippery floors. Pay great attention to details especially with regard to positioning of the tables.Provide spaces for food and drinks perching. Besides, hygiene should be to-notch.

A host/hostess is as important as everything else. He/she is the planner of the party and choosing a wrong host can make the party fail completely.  A good host should be lively, feel free with the guests and able to sneak in a smile severally. The host/hostess is also responsible for ensuring that guests arrive safely to the party, collect their coats and handbags, directing the guests and seeing them off after the party. 

A cocktail party without food is not complete at all. Never serve your guests drinks on an empty stomach. Spoil them with food choices and variety of tastes. They are many party appetizers such as bites and bowls of nuts. Serve dessert such as flavored cakes. Keep in mind that fewer dishes take up less room on the table and are convenient. If you're throwing a cocktail party outside the typical meal hours, five or six types of hors d'oeuvres will be enough. Assume that each guest eats one or two of each kind. Your guests may be will be hungry and there should be enough food to constitute a meal. Prepare eight to ten types of hors d'oeuvres and plan on each guest eating two to three of each.

A complex form of entertainment is not a priority at a cocktail party. Some background mellow music that doesn’t interfere with the guests conversations is appropriate. Asking someone to sing live while guests are interacting is also convenient.
No event is easy to plan. So much has to be done. And a lot of details have to be followed to make it a success. Cocktails are no different, either. But when you make use of  the above tips, you can be sure that your party will go smoothly.